Tucker Electric Inc. formally Massey Electric established in 1963, was purchased by Charles and Glenda Tucker and renamed in 1982. Tucker Electric Inc grew rapidly under the guidance of Charles Tucker because of his commitment to excellence and his personal attrition and relationships with clients overseeing every aspect of each job individually and ensuring that each and every job was completed on time and without mistakes. Charles has proven over his years experiences that he has been and still can be an excellent electrician.   Charles has stepped back a bit over the last 12 years and has appointed his son Steve Tucker to take over the day to day operations. Under Steve’s supervision he has appointed Brad McCaskill, James Dyer and Chris Spicer as the new leadership of Tucker Electric Inc. 

 Tucker Electric Inc. has been doing business in Dallas Texas since 1982, but has preformed work in various locations throughout the State of Texas. Tucker Electric Inc. has preformed and completed many projects in many States across the United States, Including State as (Washington, Ohio, New Mexico, Kans,r{border-y Sker Ela, Lou haom/, Flgh>r as Spialind >

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